Memories of Gateshead

ISBN: 9781911385059

This story came about by being in the right place at the right time. I was invited to my cousin’s book launch of one of his local history books in a beautiful Gateshead setting of St Mary’s Heritage Centre on the quayside of the River Tyne. The publisher asked if anyone attending had any memories of the area they would like to share, to speak to him after the event. “Memories of Gateshead” resulted from this conversation.

I am Gateshead-born and I wrote about my memories of being brought up in the 1950s. This was a time when the streets were full of children playing with skipping ropes, two balls, marbles, and their imagination. It was also a time when I went to Saltwell Park with my jam sandwiches, a bottle of water; a fish net and a clean jam jar to put in the tiddlers I had caught. : when being a townie meant going on holiday to the country…Ryton Willows: when going to church and Sunday School were the things to do. The highlight of school days was a visit from the school nurse who we called ‘Nitty Nora…the dicky explorer.’

Living Life in Ruby

This book came about because of the challenges I faced when diagnosed with a pituitary tumour (brain tumour). I always kept a journal and continued to at this difficult time. I began writing a journal after reading a book called The Artist’s Way author Julia Cameron. Julia called this daily writing “Morning Pages” which I continued to do in the mornings while in hospital and later at home during my recovery. Not only is it about health but it’s also about me becoming the Chief Executive Officer of my health and the introduction of complimentary modalities to aid my recovery. Also running through the story are Dorothy and the characters, Tin man, Lion and the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.  Throughout my life I always thought of myself as Dorothy. Hence, the title Living Life in Ruby Slippers came about because whatever happens to us, health, childbirth, divorce, grief, life goes on around us. At this time I realised that it wasn’t only about me, but also family and friends who became more involved in my life.

Slippers     Paperback

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Magic Mat – Cousins adventure in Nosirrah

I was inspired to write this story because my 10 year old grandson asked if we could write a story together. It’s great to have the insight’s of a child coming up with ideas, as well as him checking my spelling and grammar, and whether or not the story is ok. The main character is Tom, the narrator and the eldest of four cousins. Tom shares with the reader who the cousins are: Polly, Bude, and Dan and the adventures they have following Tom and his Mam finding a mat in the attic. The mat takes them on a magical journey from Tom’s home in Tarbbots to the faraway land of Nosirrah. This is book 1 in a series of 4, the last 3 of which are still to be written.  Paperback version E-book, kindle version.